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Utah Montessori Council

In the spring of 2003 while attending the annual NCME conference in San Diego, Duna Strachan, Director of Soaring Wings Montessori School in Park City, was struck by the fact that of the few Utahns who attended the national conference many were hard-working teachers who had largely paid their own way. In order to provide a professional, affordable, accessible conference experience for every Montessori director, teacher, assistant, staff member and parent in Utah, the founding conference of the Utah Montessori Council was held at SWMS on January 31, 2004.

Heads of every major school enthusiastically stepped forward to lend their support. Founding officers were elected and the mission of establishing a supportive base and inclusive networking opportunities for all members regardless of school affiliation was laid down.

In ensuing years the annual conference site has shifted from school to school and attendance has grown each year. With volunteer efforts of presenters and members and generous donations of time and funds from host schools the costs of putting on the conference have been kept to a minimum so that registration fees can be kept affordable for all.

Membership is open to all; you don’t need to be a Montessorian or a Montessori school. All you have to do is complete the one page application and agree to abide by the Code of Ethics and it’s free!

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Freedom of Movement

Monday, February 24th, 2014 by Soaring Wings

I had the pleasure of watching a former student, Joss Christensen, win gold at the Olympics recently. I’d known this boy since before he was born. His parents, Debbie and JD, were among those Parkites who came to town to ski in the ‘70’s, met, married, found jobs and began a life here. Joss’s older…

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